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Life Is A Tape 2007​-​2017 - Digital Download

Life Is A Tape 2007​-​2017

Digital Download

I was going to release a 'best of' for the 10 year career, and as any collection that respects, it should have included some unreleased or alternative versions. 

I started collecting some tracks, remastering some of them, digging the archives for unreleased material, and at the end of the day I found myself with 11 tracks. 
Virtually an album. 

Agreed with my label, I've welcomed the suggestion of adding another couple of songs, and put out next release as an 'album', not to confuse and surrender the new material, while the 'best of' will be out later this year. 

Both always and only in digital, the album on all download and streaming platforms, while the 'best of' only for iTunes at a very low price. 

'Life Is A Tape 2007 - 2017' will not be a real album as "23:32" was conceived and the tracklist will consist of: 

- a 12 minutes suite I never dared to release before 

- the original version of 'Springtime', so far only available in 'Remix' 

- 2 covers released last year in "Papeetecafé Saudade" plus another cover that did not find room in the tracklist of the same 

- 2 instrumental tracks with Andy G, part of 4 experiments, one of which, "Essence" has recently been released by Lounge Masters. 

- 1 remastered track and one remastered and revisited from the first album 'Beautiful Memories ...' 

- a new version of 'Basically I'm Fine' 

- 1 track that was initially instrumental for a commercial project and I turned it into a song 

- 1 song that comes to its third garment 

- And finally a track composed yet before Didascalis released something officially, even dating back to 2003, but never done in the studio to this day. 

So I can say that the seventh album will be a collection-non-collection, with the sound and flavor that distinguishes my latest productions. 

I forgot: it will be called 'Life Is A Tape 2007 - 2017' because it also contains a new, almost acoustic version of 'Life Is A Tape', featuring Garduz - who since playing live with me, adores this song, and sang by Mary. 

After all, I think 'Life Is A Tape's' lyrics are one of the deepest and most original things I've ever written. 

P.S. As usual, each track will be posted along with a description and a story about it. 

P.P.S It will be a more downtempo album than I wished, so: relaaaaaaaax 



released June 26, 2017 

Didascalis – Life Is A Tape 2007-2017 

Davide Marani: 

vocals, keyboards, programming/production, acoustic & nylon guitars, electric bass, shakers 

Andrea ' Andy G' Guerrini: 
mute & open trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, brass section on 04, 06, 09, 11, 13 

Luca ' Garduz' Gardini: 
alto sasxophone on 'Life Is A Tape 2017' 

Maria 'Mary' Passaro: 
lead vocal on 'Life Is A Tape 2017' 

01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 10, 12 written by Davide Marani
23​:​32 - Digital Download, CD


Digital Download, CD

released June 6, 2016 

Didascalis is: 

Davide Marani - production, vocals & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, shakers & various electronica 


Andy G - trumpet, flugelhorn & brass section on 02, 04, 05, 09 
Daniele ' Dano' Caprelli - soprano sax on 11 
Garduz - tenor saxophone on 01, 12 
Frenky - electric guitar solo on 05 
Frensy - backing vocals on 02, 11 
Eri Ka - vocals on 12 
Henrique Piraì - flute on 02 

Thanks to: Andrea Guerrini, Daniele Caprelli, Luca Gardini, Marco Franchini, Francesca Castorri, Erika Tozzi, Henrique Pirai, Marco Leonardi, Alex Montana, Nicola Pari, Roberto 'Robert-Eno' Salaroli. 
Special thank to Francesco Garofalo. 

This album is dedicated to my beloved dad and to my mum. 

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who buys or listens or feel interest for my music. 

Black, Blue, Red (Digital Single) - Digital Download

Black, Blue, Red (Digital Single)

Digital Download

Didascalis - Black, Blue, Red (Digital Single) 

2nd single taken from the new album "23:32" 
release date: May 16, 2016 
Produced by Didascalis 

"Be Still My Beating Heart (feat. Andy G)" is non-album track & exclusive to this release


released May 16, 2016 

Davide Marani - production, vocals & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, shakers & various electronica 
Garduz - tenor sax 
Andy G - muted & open trumpet
Surrender (Digital Single) - Digital Download

Surrender (Digital Single)

Digital Download

Didascalis - Surrender (Digital Single) 

1st single taken from the new album "23:32" 
release date: April 25, 2016 
Produced by Didascalis 

"So Simple" & "23:32" are non-album track & exclusive to this release


released April 25, 2016 

Davide Marani - production, vocals & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, shakers & various electronica 
Andy G - trumpet, flugelhorn & brass section 
Frensy - backing vocals 
Henrique Piraì - flute
Last Christmas E​.​P. - Digital Download

Last Christmas E​.​P.

Digital Download

Didascalis - Last Christmas (Digital Single) 

Last Christmas 05:17 

written by G. Michael 
Produced by Davide Marani 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (feat. Andy G & Garduz) 05:48 

written by Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane 
Produced by Davide Marani


released December 4, 2015 

Davide Marani: production, nylon acustic guitar, vocals and programming 
Andrea Guerrini: flugelhorn & brass section 
Luca Gardini: alto saxophone
White Christmas E.P. - Digital Download

White Christmas E.P.

Digital Download

Digital 2-tracks single including Bing Crosby's classic "White Christmas" and Didascalis's original "December Sky", featuring Andy G on both tracks.

Me, Myself & Someone Else - 2-CD set, digital release

Me, Myself & Someone Else

2-CD set, digital release

Conceived, arranged & produced by Davide Marani, with a musical help by guest musicians.

CD 1 (Someone Else)

01 SMALLTOWN BOY – written by L. Cole / S. Bronski / J. Somerville / W. F. Steven / L. Steinbachek, originally performed by Bronski Beat
02 WEST END GIRLS – written by N. Tennant / C. Lowe, originally performed by Pet Shop Boys
03 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE – written by P. Collins, originally performed by Phil Collins
04 CALLING YOU – written by B. Telson, originally performed by Jevetta Steele
05 CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD – written by C. Dennis / R. Davis originally performed by Kylie Minogue
06 CRAZY – written by Brian Joseph Burton, originally performed by Gnarls Barkley
07 EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC – written by Sting, originally performed by The Police
08 SAILING – written by C. Cross, originally performed by Christopher Cross
09 WEST END GIRLS (Lounge Flavour) – written by N. Tennant / C. Lowe, originally performed by Pet Shop Boys
10 ON THE BEACH – written by C. Rea, originally performed by Chris Rea
11 FRAGILE – written by Sting, originally performed by Sting
12 SUNRISE – written by S. Allen / D. Hall / M. Hucknall / J. Oates, originally performed by Simply Red

CD 2 (Me, Myself)

01 SHARE – written by D. Marani
02 FIREWORKS (unplugged feat. Andy G) - written by D. Marani
03 QUIETLY (feat. Frensy) - written by D. Marani
04 YET TO COME (Album Version) - written by D. Marani
05 IMPROVISATION IN ME - written by D. Marani
06 MEMORIES (unplugged) - written by D. Marani
07 MIRAGE - written by D. Marani
08 SUNSET EMOTIONS (feat. Garduz) - written by D. Marani
09 NEVER ALONE - written by D. Marani
10 RAINFALL (2014 feat. Garduz) - written by D. Marani
11 KILLING THE TIME (feat. Valentino Bianchi) - written by D. Marani / V. Bianchi
12 FLOATING AWAY - written by D. Maran fifth album: I succeeded well in covering SOMEONE ELSE's songs, but needed to release something of ME, brand new, and re-work some of the first tracks I wrote by MYSELF... so, here it is... hope you like!

West End Girls E.P. - Digital Single

West End Girls E.P.

Digital Single

Conceived, arranged & produced by Davide Marani, with a musical help by guest musicians.

01 WEST END GIRLS – written by N. Tennant / C. Lowe, originally performed by Pet Shop Boys
02 TEQUILA SUNRISE – written by G. Frey / D. Henley, originally performed by Eagles
03 YET TO COME (The Beach, The Sand Mix) – written by D. Marani
04 SUPERSTAR – originally written & performed by Bob McGilpin
05 SUNRISE (Instrumental) – written by S. Allen / D. Hall / M. Hucknall / J. Oates, originally performed by Simply Red

Enjoy My Wrong Shoes - digital release & CD

Enjoy My Wrong Shoes

digital release & CD

 Produced, arranged, played, sung and concieved by Davide Marani between september & december 2011 @ Mystudio 

All tracks written by Martin Lee Gore except "Springtime” written by Davide Marani 
...when you are in love with a band from the age of 13 and you reach nearly 40, it's quiet easy to dive in their musical world wearing your own personal “musical outfit”... 
I picked up some of my favourite tracks, but not all, because I want to keep the pleausre of listening to some other in their original version :-) ... let's say that, the ones gathered here, were the most perfect to match with my musical vision... and some other have been suggested... 
I have blended together my various musical likes (to put in the arrangments); 
my various musical latter improvments (to put in the production); 
asked help to some musician friends (to give that taste “not all of mine”), and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did when I was on the run... 
Depeche Mode have been the soundtrack for a big part of my life, they have been my first big love in music, and I can say I ought to them what I have become... later other artists will influence my mind, but DM are my pioneers... 
So this tribute, is my way to say thank you to them, although they will never know or care! ...who cares!... :-) 
It should have been a long deadline project, but, except for the finishing touches, it has been a pleasant rush, that had to rest for a while since “Basically I'm Fine” was going to be released in January 2012, closing the trilogy of my first works... 
as I usually say: is it lounge? Chillout? Deep house? ...listen & like: it's Didascalis...
released 12 July 2013 
Valentino Bianchi soprano sax on 06 
Francesca 'Frensy' Castorri vocals & backing vocals on 02, 07 & 09 
Gionata Costa cello on 01 
Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini trumpet, muted trumpet & brass section on 04, 07 & 13 
Mauro Mosciatti electric guitar solo on 05 & 12 
Davide Marani electric bass on 03 & 12 and shakers here & there... 
Artwok & photos by Marco Leonardi – -


Basically I'm Fine - digital release

Basically I'm Fine

digital release

DIDASCALIS - BASICALLY I'M FINE: the "second half" of LOSS


As announced at the release of the second Didascalis work (LOSS), BASICALLY I'M FINE it is the subsequent closing of a period of work, composition and methodical.

The "new" tracks were made in different years with different intentions, and some rebuilt especially for this release.

The guests / collaborators are now limited to my friend and trusted musical partner Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini, which embellishes with his trumpet and flugelhorn 3 of the 10 tracks.


A brief note, as my usual, on each "paragraph" of this auditory read...


EXCUSE ME ... WHERE'S THE OASIS? and WAITING are part of the pre-Didascalis era, when the first compositions were played exclusively live ... and only for a droll mistake I can say that they are “first cousins”, since WAITING is born by the wrong use of the EMWTO? Pattern, during the long wait for a musician friend who had gone to his car to take the sax ....! (2002 approx), the similarity is no accident ...

once decided to make the studio version I thought it appropriate and adequate recall something of "desert" in the first one, playing a short and simple solo with the instrument I’m graduated in: the oboe.

While in the second I entrusted the task to Andy G.



When I was asked to make the cover of a song that was the soundtrack of a James Bond movie, for a chill-out compilations dedicated entirely to the music of 'the spy licensed to kill', (Licensed To Chill - MODA Music Fashion November 24, 2008), I picked up one of the bands to which I’m more linked by a matter of age, that is Duran Duran.

For reasons of time I made it very quickly, but I’ve decided anyway to re-release it in a moreDidascalisy context without modification, for those who have not heard it yet.


HYPNOSIS and BY THE END belong to the Noises Beyond period (, but for some reason are not finished on that project. HYPNOSIS would have a slight taste to the Thievery Corporation sound, and BY THE END is the "second part" of WHAT IF (LOSS), where I began to experience with a higher bmp than my usual.


LIFE IS A TAPE (03/14/2007) I believe is the gem of this small handful of songs. The "demo", as it was, did not get through the opinion of my publisher, and then remained in storage for quite a while.

Played new, re-arranged in 2011, was sent to Andy G for "curiosity" saying that "the song was already well done and finished "....

I was wrong.

Now it is. (Thanks Andy ...)


SOMETHING I FORGOT is part of an attempt I did to make music for documentary that never came to fruition.

Failed attempt, so much that I had forgotten to have it made, hence the title....


BASICALLY I'M FINE has to do with the usual questions to be asked about heart, about relationships, about being in love or alone, in which "basically you’re fine."

It should have a different sound, inspired by a song that had kidnapped my heart at that time (late October 2008), but my pop soul had it better...

or worse ?....


A STRANGE AFTERNOON was the very first experiment (just before MEMORIES - BMOASSB -), experimenting and playing with the first virtual instruments (2001 approx).

Revived in 2011, keeping just the harmonic structure, I gave it a little more chill and less funky taste, and since the first version muted trumpet solo (with a fake one) I said to myself "why not put a real trumpet on, since I know one of the best trumpet player in Romagna ???".

The result came out really nice, and along with LIFE IS A TAPE can be said to be "the two real news of the entire unreleased material"....


BUT NOT TONIGHT, second cover present in BIF was born just the time of  a night because of one person, in 2007, and frankly should not even be a song of Didascalis repertoire.

This derives also from the mood in which it was sung.

Initially it was just a mixture of pads and vocals, played almost ad libitum;

later, on recommendation of friends, I completed the arrangement, and I think it deserves to be heard.


As mentioned previously BASICALLY I'M FINE, closes a period and marks the third chapter in DIDASCALIS discography, confirming a more unique sound, although contaminated by so many artists and inspirations of all kinds.


In digital download from 3rd February  2012 to AltaModa.





released 10 February 2012 
Lyrics, sounds, vocals, occasional electric bass & production: Davide Marani 
guest musician: 
Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini - trumpet

Loss - digital release


digital release

DIDASCALIS - LOSS: a brief introduction by Davide Marani.

LOSS could be considered the first time a movie or a show.

The first release as DIDASCALIS for M.O.D.A. Music Fashion goes back to 2007, and is basically a collection of individual songs created one by one and without a thread, that Andrea Corelli decides to join in a digital release, once reached the required number.


After that I continued to compose, so many things, and without a definite direction.

Comes a cover of "Waiting For The Night" by Depeche Mode ... attempts a deep-house and minimal ... I work with Valentino Bianchi of Quintorigo and get back in touch with Daniele Caprelli, who has worked in previous tracks ...

And yet I compose ... 

I try to create a tracklist similar to BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES, by simply titled "2" when three things happen:

1st: January 2010 my father's loss, who was also a musician and listener to all my creations, and was born the song "Loss (for my Dad)."

2nd: I find I have careless and silent followers in the digital music world, so I ask Andrea to release a second work.

3rd: I find myself with too many numbers for a single release.

We decide therefore to collect as many songs ready as possible, restore and re-publish some others to compile two albums.

In total there are 24 tracks: twelve and twelve. That's why I said LOSS is the first time...

The basic ingredients of inspiration are "inevitable": night, the sounds of nature, heartbreak, electronic which merges with acoustic and wind instruments and Depeche Mode, my great passion. 

I think it's fair the title should be changed from "2" to "LOSS": a small tribute to a very important person.

Open "Let Me Breathe" with its feeling of floating in a pond, nose above water, mouth beneath and the gaze is lost in the small waves created by the movement of the body.

"Maybe" would be the heir of "Memories" but dangerously touching the pop world, leaving the chill-out.

"Loss (for my Dad)" offers a brief voice cameo (the only lyrics that came across my mind at such an event) which recalls the Level 42, but then is distracted by an accordion wrapped in electronics. 

"The Night" which was previously released is re-sung, re-mixed and enriched by the trumpet of Andrew "Andy G" Guerrini, and bears the label of "restored 2011" as for "I'll Fly With You" and "Together", the latter enhanced by the voice of Erika Tozzi and soprano sax of Daniele 'Dano' Caprelli (also present in "Could It Be" on flute).

"In The Afternoon" is my favorite one. One of those songs that hasn't hypnotic riffs or solos, but makes you listen to it over and over again ...

Sorry: it makes ME...

"What If" lifts up bmps, was born to couples with another track ended up in the other dozen.

"LOSS" and its follow-up, or if you want to "second time" (tentatively titled "BASICALLY I'M FINE") go to close a period: a period of compositions, inspirations, memories, and tech equipment that will remain in the world of digital downloads as paintings on display for everyone.

The context for DIDASCALIS is basically chill-out or electronic lounge, but when I'm listening to established artists in these genres, I perceive to be far from that, to look like but at the same time do not belong.

DIDASCALIS has its own sound: the sound of DIDASCALIS.



Beautiful Memories Of A Strange Summer Breeze - digital release

Beautiful Memories Of A Strange Summer Breeze

digital release

Released 23.04.2007

Lyrics, sounds, vocals, occasional electric bass & production: Davide Marani 
guest musicians / singers: 
Daniele 'Dano' Caprelli - soprano & tenor sax, flute







Listen on Spotify to the new album